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Hell fears you and Heaven won’t take you. But it’s not about where you go but what you can get done.

Hellsweeper VR can be best described as a roguelike first person combat simulator. You play as an undead immortal who’s on a mission to take out the scumbags of Hell. You can traverse the different dimensions, yield weapons with deadly precision, command the forces of telekinesis and muster unseen powers to wipe out your enemies.

We’re upping the game with more innovative mechanics that will reward mastery of VR controls and will challenge both new and seasoned VR players alike.

Is this an extension of Sairento?

Yes and no. Hellsweeper occurs in an alternate world but it borrows a few mechanics from Sairento, especially its locomotion system. So it’s everything you loved about Sairento and a lot more.

How does the gameplay compare to that of Sairento?

Hellsweeper VR came about from our desire to improve on what made our first game, Sairento VR, a huge hit with fans. We are keeping Sairento’s locomotion while improving its arcade-style action with semi realistic physics, allowing you to pull off even crazier moves like juggling enemies in the air.

Combat is the bread and butter of Hellsweeper VR, and we intend to let players enjoy this experience down two tracks – physical combat, and the magic system. Advanced players can choose to combine both to greater effect.

On top of gameplay, we’re also improving the graphics, animations and the overall visual experience.

Will Hellsweeper offer a campaign mode?
We don’t think story telling is our strength (yet!), so instead of trying to develop a subpar campaign, we decided to deploy our limited resources to making the game shine in terms of the gameplay and mechanics. Having said that, we would still offer a background story to give context to the universe of Hellsweeper.
Will you be launching it on Early Access?

No but we are going to roll out a pre-alpha demo build of the game for free. We still want to get the community involved in our dev journey, we’re just trying a different route. Remember to follow us on our Discord as we’ll be making important announcements on our channel.

When will you be releasing the full game?

We are planning to release Hellsweeper VR on the Oculus and Steam stores in Q3 2022.

What devices are the Hellsweeper VR demo playable on?
This playtest demo of Hellsweeper has been tested on and playable via the following devices only –
1. Oculus Rift and Oculus Rift S
2. Oculus Quest 2 via AirLink
3. Valve Index and the knuckles controllers
4. HTC Vive and its controllers

Building Hellsweeper VR for you and with you.

As we embark further into our development journey, we would like to stay true to our tradition of developing games together with the community. We are truly grateful to all the gamers who helped us shape Sairento VR into what it is today through their invaluable feedback and support. We look forward to another fulfilling collaborative journey as we craft Hellsweeper VR with you.

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