Feb 8, 2021


Thank you for your patience. We are finally done with updating Sairento PSVR. It has taken quite a while due to the inconveniences caused by COVID but …

We are finally done!

It took us much longer than expected as we have been working from home since March last year and communications was a b*tch. Also, PSVR is a little trickier to optimize for and the approval process takes longer than other platforms.

But a promise is a promise. We wanted to make sure that our PSVR fans get all the goodies our fans on other platforms get.

Here’s what we added –

  • Added new maps : Cave, Depot, Marine Outpost, Research Lab, Roof Top, Sanctuary, Slum, Suburb, Subway and Training Hall.
  • Added new weapons : Apocalypse, Disintegrator, Figment, IRM3000 and Nobunaga.
  • Fixed muzzle flash not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed unable to equip the same weapon as another player in multiplayer mode.
  • Fixed weapon description not being translated properly.
  • Fixed an error when player lands after a jump.
  • Optimized lightmaps.
  • Optimized textures.
  • Improved memory management.

In case you are wondering, we have been working hard on our PC deckbuilding RPG called Gordian Quest and our 2nd VR game that we are not ready to unveil yet.

We hope you will enjoy Sairento PSVR’s bumper and final update and stay updated on the latest with Mixed Realms!


The Cave features an underground cave filled with red hot lava and elements of verticality. Watch out for the spinning drill in the center of the map as you leap from platform to platform.
The Depot is a tightly-packed, close-quarters map with an aesthetic matching the Warehouse map. Here, there is less lateral space to move around, but the introduction of a vertical platform in the middle allows for fights to happen on three different levels.
The Research Lab is a key enemy infrastructure, with fairly open areas converging into a central research platform. Use the various ramps and rooms for cover, or take the more scenic route, weaving between gunfire and the many production tubes housing enemy prototypes.
The Rooftop features a series of rain-slick, neon-lit rooftops set right in the heart of the city. Amidst a moody rain that impedes visibility, you will leap across roofs, ledges, and sign boards while dealing with your foes in hot pursuit.
The Marine Outpost features a massive oil rig structure set in the middle of the ocean. It includes various levels of elevation, bridges and towers which encourages maximal use of locomotion to move around and get the drop on your foes.
The Sanctuary features upper walkways surrounding an interior shrine area with 4 entrances. The shrine area serves as a temporary chokepoint, but beware your enemies performing flanking maneuvers! Holographic fishes lazily waft through the area, creating a fascinating and futuristic overlay over the traditional wood and stone elements.
The Slum features a rundown residential area, with an elevated high speed rail running through the location. There are 3 major road divisions that define this map. Stalk the rooftops to look for prey, or use the rooftops as a quick escape route to escape from enemy action.
The Suburb features a downtown street location, an intersection of a main bridge and tunnel overlooked by various buildings. Link bridges between the buildings and floating vehicles provide a lateral playground, while an assortment of cars and trucks serve as cover for you to move to and from if you choose to take the battle to the ground.
The Subway puts you right smack in an underground subway platform. The entire arena is divided into two levels. Hold a skirmish behind the cover of pillars and the docked train on the lower level, or take the fight to the open spaces on the upper level, where enemies can flood in from any direction, but you have much more room to manoeuvre.
The Training Hall takes on a multi-story dojo aesthetic, and you’ll be slipping and sliding across those lacquered floors doing what you do best, dishing out the carnage.


Nobunaga Grenade Launcher
An explosive weapon by default, pressing the trigger fires a grenade that explodes on impact. By holding down the trigger, you can spin up the chamber, allowing you to fire a series of grenades in quick succession on release. With the right legendary relics, you can enable the fired grenades to split after firing, add a burning effect to hit targets, and even generate a mini shield that gives the weapon a defensive component.

Disintegrator Laser Rifle
A high powered laser rifle, designed to vaporize your foes. A click of the trigger will fire a moderately damaging beam. By holding down the trigger, the Disintegrator will charge up, increasing the beam’s width, damage, and penetrating power. Releasing the trigger will unleash this charged up beam to great effect.

Apocalypse Shotgun
A highly adaptive and flexible weapon, letting its user change its form to suit the battlefield. It can be adjusted in two ways, both extendable by the relics system. The firing mode and pattern can be changed by pulling on various parts of the gun, while a side dial enables you to switch between various ammo types.

IRM-3000 Missile Launcher
A high explosive missile launcher. Customize it with relic properties such as homing capability, explosion radius, and fallout size – a lingering damage-over-time zone at the point of impact. While limited in ammo, explosive weapons pack a big punch against bigger targets like the Sumo, and can be used to create some breathing room when swarmed.

An SMG weapon perfect for sharpshooters, rewarding accuracy with pure power. For each critical hit you land, there is a chance to materialize 2 more holographic guns on each hand, for up to a maximum total of 6 guns appearing at any one time. With the right legendary relics, you will be able to sustain the holographic guns for longer periods, raining bullet hell upon your enemies and ripping them to shreds.