Party-based, Roguelite, Deck-building RPG

An epic RPG inspired by old-school classics like Ultima and Wizardry, using modern gaming concepts like deckbuilding and turn-based strategic combat. Lead and nurture parties of heroes. Forge bonds and discover new skills among them. Journey forth and unravel the ancient curses set upon your land.



A sinister curse corrupts the land. Darkness reigns. Monsters roam. Scoundrels loot. Cowards flee. Heroes emerge.

Lead heroes on an adventure to save what’s left of this fallen world and destroy the root of evil abound. Will you fall at the claws of your enemies or the consequences of your poor decisions? Begin your Gordian Quest.


What’s cool about Gordian Quest?

10 heroes with unique classes and skills

Form a party of three on every adventure. There is a swordhand, a cleric, a ranger, a scoundrel, a druid, a spellbinder, a bard and more.

4 Acts in 1 epic adventure

Journey through the vast lands of Wrendia from the undead-infested lands of Wrendia to the lost floating city of the Vanai.

Hundreds of upgradable cards

Upgrade your heroes’ cards through items, runes, and talents, allowing for endless customization and build variety.

Tactical turn-based combat system

Deal the right skills at the cost of Action Points (AP) while taking advantage of strategic formations and synergies between heroes.

Decisions that will aid or fail you.

Random events and dice-roll challenges that you encounter on the course of your journey can alter it – for better or for worse.

Highly customizable skill grid

A unique skill progression system that blends the customization opportunities of action-RPGs with thoughtful deck-building.

5 Difficulty settings

Select between 5 different difficulty levels from Easy to Torment, with more granular options like Roguelite or Roguelike modes.

4 Different game modes

Campaign spanning 4 Acts, a procedural endgame called Adventure Mode, a more lightweight Realm Mode and a PvP Skirmish Mode.

A Quick Glimpse

Lucius the Swordhand

Lucius is a former soldier who now wanders the realm as a free agent, helping those in need. He is an expert combatant, and possesses strong battle instincts which makes him a natural leader on the field. Lucius’ skills revolve around these main themes:

  • Swordsmanship skills focus strongly on one-on-one fighting prowess.
  • Warrior skills focus on general combat ability and crowd control.
  • Leadership skills focus on buffing yourself and allies.

Catherin the Cleric

Catherin is a cleric of the Holy Order, holy warriors who train to combine both faith and steel to become paragons of justice and strength. As a peacekeeper of the realm, she fights tirelessly to defend the realm against threats of both physical and supernatural in origin. Catherin’ skills revolve around these main themes:

  • Divine skills focus on channelling the power of the Gods.
  • Holy Warrior skills focus on combining martial offensive and defense abilities.
  • Spirit Healer skills focus on empowering, protecting and restoring your allies.

Alphonse the Scoundrel

Alphonse is a scoundrel who has spent time among the best of the worst – honorable thieves, unscrupulous cutthroats, and deadly assassins. The world is his playground, and he intends to stay alive with his wits and cunning. Alphonse’s skills revolve around these main themes:

  • Assassin skills focus on potent single target damage, and the mastery of poison.
  • Sabotage skills focus on controlling the battlefield through implements and traps.
  • Subterfuge skills focus on sowing chaos among enemies through deception and illusion.

Ida the Druid

Ida is a wild child who seeks to defend her forest home from the evils that encroach upon the land, with both her valiant animal companions and her mastery over the forces of nature. lda’s skills revolve around these main themes:

  • Primal skills focus on raw fighting power and transformation abilities.
  • Elemental skills focus on mastery over the elements of nature.
  • Animal Kinship skills focus on summoning and synergy with the familial animals of the wild.

Pierre the Spellbinder

An academic and a keeper of the books, Pierre studies the ancient magicks that the ancestors wielded in their ascent to power. With the recent resurgence of evils in the land, he has taken it upon himself to study these phenomena first hand. Pierre’s skills revolve around these main themes:

  • Evocation skills focus on the elements of fire and ice to lay waste to the battlefield.
  • Force skills focus on defense, utility and control of the battlefield.
  • Conjuration skills focus on creating ethereal objects to protect and to harm.

Bertram the Ranger

Bertram is a ranger of the wild. Being an expert tracker and a highly adaptable survivalist, he is often called upon for hunting and scouting missions. His skills make him uniquely suited for leading expedition groups through unfamiliar terrains. Bertram’s skills revolve around these main themes:

  • Sharpshooter skills focus on mastery of different arrow types and bow techniques to take out foes at any distance.
  • Trapper skills focus on controlling and defeating enemies through the use of traps.
  • Sentry skills focus on the construction of automated field weapons to turn the tide of battle.

Naran the Bard

Naran the Bard yields a delicately precise form of magic through a series of harmonies. She can lead a turbid orchestra that feeds fear or a soothing aria that inspires courage. She wanders the realm in pursuit of adventures and companions that can inspire her music. Naran’s skills revolve around these main themes:

  • Mettle skills focus on strengthening allies and weakening foes.
  • Tempo skills focus on protecting allies and manipulating the flow of battle.
  • Glamor skills focus on charming weaker foes and capitalizing on the magical ability of allies.

Kudo the Warlock

In a land where water is scarce and death is one unforeseen disaster away, one must learn to wield one’s very lifeblood as a weapon and for nourishment. A man of few words, he seems to have unfinished business with the Cult you’ve been tracking down. Kudo’s skills revolve around these main themes:

  • Blood Magic involves using his own blood or that of others to defend himself.
  • Malediction focuses on powerful curses and voodoo magic to debilitate enemies.
  • Reaping involves the manipulation of a blood pool, a cell effect that can be used to control and devastate the battlefield.

Jendaya the Golemancer

While her Sekani peers relentlessly pursued the rituals of war, Jendaya’s interest lay in deconstructing the Vanai’s lost technology. She commands a Golem that is both her companion and defender. Jendaya’s skills revolve around these main themes:

  • Command Rocky skills focus on giving Rocky independent actions and will.
  • Geomancy skills allows Jendaya to control and shape earth, dirt, and clay. It also involves the intangible flow of ‘luck’ on the battlefield.
  • Synthesis skills focuses on abilities that empower both Jendaya and Rocky.

Shroud the Monk

Across Wrendia lies hidden monasteries, passing down teachings of old. Stroud, one of the few acolytes from these monasteries, is here to fight against the evil that plague the realm. Stroud’s skills revolve around these main themes:

  • Multi hit skills and abilities
  • Single strike that can take out a one pesky enemy and wound a boss
  • Effects that can bolster other heroes

General Information

  • Developer – Mixed Realms, Swag Soft
  • Genre – RPG Roguelite Turnbased Deckbuilder
  • Platforms – PC, Switch (2023), XBox (2023), Playstation (2023)
  • Playtime – 30 hours
  • Price – $19.90
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